SVP Engineering Pvt Ltd


SVP Engineering has developed CNC turning process for many varieties of auto components. SVP Engineering has been machining Yokes , Tripod housing ,Claw , barrel components based on the customers requirement. SVP Engineering has expertise in machining close tolerance components as under :


SVP has gained expertise in machining different types of tripods.

    Barrel Components
    LOCK SLEEVE (Steering lock Assembly)

For Lock sleeves we perform Slug piercing ,CNC Operation ,Slot piercing ,OD Grinding operations . At final stage, bore is maintained at 10 micron.

Application : Stearing assembly

We have the capacity for machining bulk quantities for this component.

    CV JT Cages (Constant velocity Cages)

We have been processing 80 different types of cages.

While machining the CV Cages we are maintaining inner diameter, spherical diameter,outer diameter and total height tolerance at 20 micron to 50 micron.

Application of Cages: In rear(or steer) axle application.

CV Cages are also machined in bulk quantity


a) Hub Fan For Hub Fans we are maintaining surface finish R A value from 1.1 R A to 1.6 R A with a close tolerance of 10 micron to 20 micron as below.

b) Cutter chain tube

c) Bushing for clutch soft

d) Bushing for large sprocket

e) Sliding piece